Need to call the IRS? Here's how to do it painlessly, step-by-step.
A FREE guide to resolving back taxes by the Attorneys at Steidl & Steinberg

If you owe personal income taxes, don’t waste your time trying to sift through information on Internet forums and websites. Our guide has everything you need to know to help you navigate the path to IRS compliance.

In just 8 pages, "IRS Compliance for Individual Taxpayers" will walk you through:

  • Exactly what to ask when you make your “fact-finding” call to the IRS.  
  • How to pay your current income taxes and why it matters when it comes to settling your debt with the IRS.
  • How and where to mail in each return to ensure your information is processed correctly.

Compliance with the IRS will not only ease your physical debt problems, it will provide you with the long-term peace of mind that comes with knowing how to solve a problem.

You can have a quick and painless experience when it comes to IRS compliance. Download your FREE guide today!