Small Business Bankruptcy & COVID-19

Many small businesses throughout Western Pennsylvania have struggled to survive the challenges posed by the novel coronavirus.

Though coronavirus lockdowns are beginning to ease, small businesses across Pennsylvania will continue to struggle with the devastating fallout from months of, at best, seriously curtailed revenue.

Small businesses often have a hard time making ends meet under the best of circumstances. While the small business loan program has kept some businesses afloat, the funds will only go so far. So where can you turn to when the effects of the shutdown hit your front door?

Get a fresh start for your business with bankruptcy. 

The good news for small businesses is that there is hope. Bankruptcy can provide your business with a solution to some and an efficient method to shut down for others. Regardless of what you choose, the best decision is an informed decision. In our free guide, you’ll find the answers you need to move forward, including:

  • Should I attempt to keep operating or should I shut down for good?
  • Will bankruptcy help if I decide to continue operations?
  • What type of bankruptcy is right for me?

Is your debt spiraling out of control?

A lot of people think bankruptcy means failure or closing down. But for many business owners, it can be your best chance at a fresh start. Find out how bankruptcy may just be your saving grace with help from the attorneys at Steidl & Steinberg.